Millionaire Team Mastery

The playbook that will add more to your net! $1,000,000++

We are only a few weeks away from publishing a course that will provide actionable real-life content to real estate leaders.

This playbook will give you a step-by-step guide to maximizing your business so that every transaction will result in a bigger payday than the last.

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From individual ambitious agents to team leaders with 30+ agents, there is something for everyone in this course.

Nick lays out his proven playbook and will give you a real-life guide to developing a productive cohesive team and capturing the profit you have always dreamed of.

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What you will get with Millionaire Team Mastery

The course will include more than 30+ videos, deep dive Bonus Videos and a catalog of supplementary materials: PDF's, Charts, Checklists...

  • The most profitable real estate team based on your specific marketplace, human resources, assets, and capabilities.
  • How to look at your team as a cash flow machine by eliminating errors.
  • Your team’s structure allows a clear chain of command, the ecosystem for growth and freedom for the team leaders.
  • Your team’s core philosophies and interdependent buy-in at all levels for a culture of profit abundance.
  • Marketing growth areas from low-cost to no-cost to full-scale marketing domination.
  • Listing departments process that reduces bottlenecks and increases sales.
  • Buyer department process checklist to reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput sales.
  • The training rhythm and structure to advance new agents into profit centers for your team.
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